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Penerimaan Mahasiswa

Penerimaan Mahasiswa
Rabu, 20 September 2017 - 11:56:21

The Master of Management program offers 5 concentrations: Marketing, HRM, Finance, Strategic Management and Public Sector Strategic Management. Students can choose their study concentration on the second semester. Therefore, all students will have the same subjects on their first semester.

On the second semester, students will be grouped based on their concentration. Students can also start working on their thesis at the beginning of this semester, since at the start of this semester they will have their thesis supervisors appointed.

The normal study period is 4 semesters (approximately two years); however, students must not exceed the maximum study period of 8 semesters after their enrolment.

The following page will present the curriculum for each concentration offered in the program.

More info >> Curriculum in Master of Management

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